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Mission of Golfhers:

"To create a platform that connects women in the golf industry to share stories of inspiration to empower female leaders and grow the industry for the next generation."

1. Connect:


Utilize the website and social media platforms to connect women in the industry--past, present, and future--to share ideas, contacts, and more within the community of women in the golf industry. 

2. Inspire:


Share stories about female leaders in all facets of the golf industry targeting all women involved or interested in golf and the golf industry. 

3. Empower:


Use this platform as a tool to address the gender gap in the golf industry and empower women to continue their education, pursue their goals, and ultimately change the face of the golf industry and grow it for the next generation of female leaders. 

Vision of Golfhers:

"Golfhers will be a PGA and LPGA recognized nonprofit that promotes women's golf, connects women in the industry, and funds an annual scholarship for women seeking Class A membership in the PGA or LPGA. "

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