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The Golfhers Scholarship Fund Campaign Raises $800

Over the past two weeks, Golfhers raised $800 to fund a scholarship for a woman seeking Class A membership in the PGA or LPGA. Utilizing Bonfire, supporters were able to order T-shirts, long sleeves, and crew necks sporting the Golfhers logo and they had the option to add a donation as well. I am ecstatic to see the support that rallied behind this cause.

For those of you that do not know, becoming a PGA or LPGA professional requires hundreds of hours of work and thousands of dollars. I am hoping that this scholarship can help lessen that burden for a deserving candidate. Before the end of 2020, a scholarship application will become available for eligible applicants.

Thank you to everyone who has supported so far! In case you missed it, the link to support is always live. You can either donate directly on the "Donate" tab or visit the page for the scholarship fund.

Here are some more updates from this crazy busy season of golf:

- The GolfHers girls clinics at my home course saw 80 sign ups over the course of six clinics.

- This logo and name of "Golfhers" is going through the legal process of becoming trademarked.

- More blogs will continue and I am thrilled to interview more women and learn from those we have already talked to about their experiences during this summer.

- The website is being revamped and modernized as it moves forward!

So, stay tuned for more! And thank you for the continued support!

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